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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Because it's Hot!- "Style, Sex, and Murder:" Kathleen Turner in "Body Heat"

The Sultry Seductress- Never under estimate the power of a plain white silk blouse and a white skirt!
Kathleen Turner (pre-serial mom days) plays Matty Walker in "Body Heat" circa 1981
I chose this post in honor of the infamous Los Angeles heat...hopefully, we can all keep our sanity.
"Body Heat" echoes the 1940's film noir style and takes place in the midst of a Florida heat wave where an unhappy wife convinces her lover to murder her husband.  The phrase "body heat" not only refers to the intolerable weather that causes the characters to act irrationally, but to the passionate affair Matty Walker (Turner) has with her lover, Ned Recine (William Hurt) leaving the pair dripping with sweat in every scene. 
Matty Walker dressed in a white silk blouse tucked in to a skirt. The simplicity of the outfit gives her a flattering silhouette and effortless sexiness as well as implying her innocence. Plus, white clothing allows more air to pass through, cooling the person in contrast to black which absorbs heat. 
Ned spots Matty and begins flirting with her.
She responds with "I'm married" and "Does this usually work on women?"
I hear women say that a lot in movies- I guess it's another way of saying "You're game is lame, but I still want you."

Kathleen Turner's hair adds to her character's seductiveness. Her hair looks very natural, smooth, and well kept, all traits her character exudes.

Effortless Beauty

I hate this picture because she is smiling, and Matty Walker doesn't smile much in the film, but it shows her white outfit off well. 
Ned invites himself over to Matty's house to "hear her chimes" or lack of  noise as she says, there is no breeze in the Florida heat wave.
Matty and Ned's passionate affair begins as a simulated rape scene. They are overcome with desire for each other, so much that she denies him to the very last second, showing him out. However, once outside, Ned sees her standing as shown above, breaks in to her house, and "takes her" on the floor.
Matty changed her outfit into a white blouse with a red skirt- red being the color of passion. I don't think it is a coincidence that it is on her lower half, but then again, who could resist her in a halfway unbuttoned blouse and a pencil skirt? 

Matty Walker in her bedroom attire: a minimal lace slip- very 80's and a robe, despite the heat.

Ned and Matty in her very expensive bathtub filled with ice after a hours of having hot, passionate, and sweaty sex.
I love the bathtub and the checkered floor. 
Addicted to each other

Drama time. Matty Walker plays the innocent in a tailored white blouse and blue very short shorts. I love her outfit in this scene, but it understates her womanhood that was emphasized in earlier scenes. 

After the murder, Matty wears a black dress for the first time with a strand of pearls. While the dress follows her trend of sexy simplicity, the black implies not only death, but a change of character for Matty; she is no longer "the innocent" victim of a bad marriage. 
"As the temperature rises, the suspense begins.."
Publicity shot for "Body Heat"

Since my last post was about sappy true love...I thought this post should be about sex, passion, and an overwhelming heat that makes a person's mind and body crazy with reckless abandon. Lust is a powerful feeling that can get you into trouble (and possibly turn you into a murderer)...but follow Matty Walker's air for sexy simplicity and at least you will look great getting into the hottest and most troublesome affairs!! ;)

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