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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pat Benatar: Style in Spandex- before American Apparel made it Trendy

Pat Benatar in a striking teal and black one shoulder  spandex suit with a cuff

This Post is a Pat Benatar vs. American Apparel showdown
I posted pictures of Benatar in her amazing spandex costumes from the 70's/80's and found an American Apparel ad that is selling similar items in 2011.

The singer was born Patricia Andrzejewski on January 10, 1953 in Brooklyn, NY,
taking the name "Benatar" from her first husband and high school sweetheart, Dennis Benatar, whom she married in 1971. The talented Pat felt unsettled in her domestic life as a wife and bank teller and jumped at the chance to join a small cabaret club that played in Richmond. She later divorced her husband and continued advancing in her career as a performer. Her career spans the late 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's (however you say that.)
American Apparel's one shoulder knit dress
American Apparel is a contemporary company that sells a wide variety of stretch garments in staple colors often emulating vintage styles. While I think their ads are very creative, they are also very provocative and overtly sexual in their nature. I could write a blog simply about their ads, but today I am just relating their products to Pat Benatar's style.

Pat Benatar wearing a red fringed t-shirt/studded belt and leggings

Her career began to take flight when she met guitarist Neil Giraldo, who became her second husband and shaped her into the amazing singer she is today.
American Apparel's ad for Leggings- similar to Pat's

Benatar's bold make-up also became a signature style to accompany her bold songs
Above she is wearing a simple black and white striped t-shirt
American Apparel's simple striped tee

Her classic and most well known song: "Love is a Battlefield" released in 1983
Her look here reminds me of Madonna with the messy hair, layers of clothing that are mismatched:
Lacy tights, shiny shoes, denim jacket, t-shirt, and chunky accessories with gloves contrasting the feminine and masculine, as well as looking slightly like she has been through a battle.
American Apparel's ad for a lace bodysuit

Pat in her striped top and skin-tight black "leather" leggings
American Apparel's version of the black "leather" legging

Pat in black tights, a rouched leotard and the recurring studded belt with a blazer
In addition to "Love is a Battlefield," she is also known for "Heartbreaker," "Hit me with your best shot,"  and "Treat me Right."

American Apparel's ad for Leotards
Everyone needs a purple zebra print bodysuit...with a red belt.
So sassy Pat Benatar

Wow- that's my caption

American Apparel's ad for high waisted pants, but I also chose this ad for the zebra print leotard underneath them

Pat in a 1980's gold 3/4 sleeve leotard with tights

American Apparel's version of the gold suit.
This ad is in black and white, but that leotard is gold I promise

The album "In the Heat of the Night" was released in 1977
A younger Pat wears an almost backless leotard and high waisted pants
American Apparel's version of the almost backless top turned into a swimsuit

Crazy electrocuted hair, and oversize sweatshirt and tights!!!
Need I say more?

I love this picture because it is so elegant.
It's hard to tell what is going on with that dress, but I'm guessing its spandex and short.
The one sleeve and choppy neckline really makes it unique.
The four time Grammy winning singer continues performing today, and while I have not seen many pictures of her costumes as of late,  to me she is always a style icon of the 80's.

American Apparel's very tight, very sexy, is she even wearing anything...Dress.


  1. I'm listeing to best shots i love pat benatar! I remember listening to a few songs as a kid, but this album is awesome!

  2. Pat was a beautiful showman and artist. I loved going to her shows. Thanks Pat for all the years, You still rock. You had my little girlfriend dressing like you,, thanks again.. so sweettttttt.