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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mass MadMen! Banana Republic creates Madmen inspired Collection for Fall

Banana Republic latched on to the success of AMC's Madmen, co-creating a collection for their stores debuting August 11, 2011 with Madmen Costume Designer Janie Bryant. The popularity and sleek costuming has inspired a desire for both men and women to renew elegance, fit, and an understated sophistication that is so prominent in the Character's 1960's wardrobe on Madmen.

To celebrate the new MadMen inspired collection, there will be cocktail parties at select Banana Republic locations, including the store at the Grove in Los Angeles where Janie Bryant will be attending.

To view locations copy/paste this link:​Men

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 Some items from the Collection, on Sale August 11
Leopard Cardigan

"Stefani" Sunglasses

Men's Two-Button Suit Jacket

Men's Cardigan

Begonia Dress

Betty Dress

Men's Three piece suit Vest

60's Jacket

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