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Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Women: 1970's Kitsch and Absurdity Part 1

"3 Women," starring Sissy Spacek and Shelley Duvall
Directed by Robert Altman

I was up late doing homework the other night, scrolling through Netflix Instant Watch as usual, when I came across this very absurd Fashion Gem!!! 
Don't be fooled by the eery music.....
Despite it's creepiness, it's full of 1970's style,
a vibe I'm feeling for summer....

This blog has to be in parts because I was so inspired I took a ton of frames and it would be too many pictures for one post to handle. 

Sissy Spacek (left) plays innocent Pinky Rose and Shelley Duvall (right) plays the social butterfly Millie Lammoreaux 
The girls meet at work, an old folk's rehabilitation center
I LOVE the old lady's cat eye glasses!

Sissy Spacek-youthful innocent

Chunky Heel Shoes!!

The story takes place in a desert community in Los Angeles.
Yellow is the central color to Millie, while pink is Pinky Rose's identity color.

LOVE Millie's full cotton skirt and matching peasant style crop top

Dodge City, the girls' local bar
I love the use of color throughout the film.
Purple Sage apartment building with purple rails and doors,
a blue pool to contrast with retro orange print cushions.

Could the tank be foreshadowing?.....

Millie loves YELLOW
Millie's decor is kitschy yellow. I love it.
While yellow is the traditionally the color of friendship, I'm not sure the girls' friendship is true...

1970's long cotton nightgown and robe. 


and more to come!!
stay tuned for Part 2 posting

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